Communication with loved ones who’ve died.


 Frequently asked questions

What is an intuitive, psychic or empath?

These individuals can perceive energies such as viewing auras (the field) that surrounds people and animals, this energy is called the quantum field  or universal energy.

These people can gain a sense of a person and what is happening for them in their life, they can read the energy within an object, such as psychometry.

They can guide us on our life path, yet they do not communicate directly with the (deceased) discarnate Spirit World.

It is important to understand that psychics, empaths and intuitives are not necessarily evidential mediums

eg; connect with & give verification of a loved one who has passed over to the spirit world. This often causes confusion, as this is often misunderstood.

However all evidential mediums naturally have the ability to be psychic, empathic and intuitive.


What is an evidential medium?

It is the communication of evidence and ability to receive information and messages from the discarnate, someone who has (died) passed over into the spirit world,

these psychic mediums can offer evidence & proof of survival after physical death by providing information such as names, dates,

how they passed and descriptions of what a person looked like and their personality.

Please note that no medium can guarantee a connection with a specific loved one in spirit, this is out of the control of the medium.

However from Leiza’s experience, if you are willing to have an open mind you’ll receive information and insight that’s most needed for you at that moment in time.


How does a medium connect with spirit?

The medium raises their awareness to a higher vibration and then the spirit communicator is able to merge with the mediums energy,

to provide information by way of their senses such as seeing, hearing, feeling, touch and taste.


  • Clairsentience – Which is sensing spirit through clear emphatic feelings and emotions.
  • Clairvoyance – Clear seeing through the third eye either through pictures or visions.
  • Clairaudience – Hearing sounds or words heard through the mental mind from spirit.
  • Claircognisant – Which is clear thought, information comes straight to mind, instant download.
  • Clairempathy – Sense & “feel through emotion” by way of emotional feeling & attitude.
  • Clairgustance – To recognize the taste or essence of something through taste from spirit.
  • Clairscent – Which is to detect a smell, scent or aroma offered by spirit.