Energy Center’s / Chakra’s and how we are affected by them.

Energy Centers /Chakra System

  ‘As we explore the aura and the energy centers / chakra’s, it is important for us to view our journey not as revolutionary, but rather as very traditional. Energy centers /chakra’s as well as auras and electromagnetic fields, are as old as the earth itself.

The chakra system, in fact, is a part of the ancient and lost mysteries. And, in the end, the chakra system in our bodies is how we find our way back to the most ancient mystery of all – God, the Oneness, the Omniscient.’ – Rosalyn L. Bruyere 


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Energy Centers / Chakra System

The knowledge of Energy  Centre's or Chakra balancing has been a great part  of philosophical and spiritual ancient traditions for many centuries.

In Eastern traditions, the theory of energy centres chakras is a central part of the Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, with the use of Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Yoga, Pranayama and Tai Chi.

In 1927, Western culture studied the Shakta theory, through Indian texts; Sat-Caktra-Nirupana and Padaka-Pancaka by Sir John Woodroffe. Since then, Western science has continued to practice, study and document the remarkable results of this ancient form of healing.


Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means luminous energy centre or ‘Wheel’.

These ‘Wheels’ are the energy centers or power stations that transmit and process energy to flow through our aura and physical body.

They also represent trigger points for different parts of the physical and emotional body.

The chakras are storage energy centres, they absorb energy that comes from our thoughts, feelings and outside influences. They are associated with specific physical body parts, emotions and behavior patterns.

Our energy centers function can be affected by poor physical health, diet, stress and suppressed emotions.

The importance of opening the seven main energy centre's /chakras is to increase the energetic luminous life force and flow, if they are closed or stagnant, energy can’t move efficiently through the body causing dis-ease.

Chakra or energy balancing is a little like detoxing – you can clean out all the old stagnant energy and then replenishing it with a pure vital life force that promotes optimum results.

In balancing your luminous energy centres /chakras you can vitalize your health and well-being physically, mentally and emotionally.

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 ‘Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through these energy centre / chakra databases.

Each even– Dr Caroline Myss – Anatomy of the Spirit is recorded into your cells…’  

– Dr Caroline Myss    Anatomy of the Spirit