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Our soul is that aspect of our eternal self that existed before we were born and will continue to exist after we die.

An Intuitive, psychic mystic and spiritual medium (direct channeler, spirit messenger ) Leiza supports women, offering unique and individualised assistance depending on clients needs.

A psychic, intuitive reading is conducted by tuning into the individual who is requesting the readingLeiza intuitively and psychically connects with you through your aura and electromagnetic energy field, analysing your chakras to receive insight into what is going on within your life. Her goal is to gently guide you towards more inner peace through empowering you to achieve a renewed sense of self trust and hope for your future.

With medium readings, Leiza connects with discarnate spirit, your loved ones who have passed over to the spirit world. In mediumship Leiza uses her multi-senses to offer proof of the continuation of life after death, by reconnecting people with loved ones by way of providing personal verification, messages and communication from the after-life. Her aim in a mediumship reading is to provide personal support, clarification and potential closure for you to attain a clearer sense of hope, faith and meaning within your life again.


Spirituality provides confirmation of your intrinsic nature. A reading expands your everyday awareness of reality by going beyond the mind and ego. Through the awareness that you are more than just your body, that you are made up of atoms that are made up of energy, and spirit is energy, the door can be opened to a wealth of information, comfort and clarity that could expand your outlook on life. Messages are communicated through the human senses.


Seeking help or clarity can sometimes be daunting and at times, you will feel quite vulnerable. Having a compassionate, confidential and relaxed environment is important. Leiza is understanding and non-judgemental, her focus is on facilitating the clearest channel of communication for her clients emotional and spiritual needs. Leiza provides a place where you can be open, honest and be heard. She offers comfort and guidance to support grief, loss, change and possible healing.


Authenticity and integrity are extremely important to Leiza in connecting with you and your loved ones in the spirit world. Spirit communication can be a very personal and profound experience. Connecting with a loved one can provide closure, forgiveness or acceptance and healing. Leiza truly believes connecting with the other side is a miracle and honour, she genuinely feels grateful and privileged to be a part of facilitating communication from loved ones in spirit.

What is a medium?

Defined by dictionaries as the go-between, intermediary - A means by which something is communicated or expressed by one source through to another. A medium is an individual held to be a channel of communication between the earthly world and a world of spirits.

Generally mediums can be described by the general public as intuitives, spirit whisperers, channels, mediums, empaths, psychics, clairvoyants, sages, seers, spiritualists, soothsayers, oracles, spirit communicators, or the wise or mystics.

There is however a very clear difference between a psychic and a medium, in that a psychic has the ability of tuning into an individual persons electromagnetic energy field or aura that surrounds them to gain information about that persons life. A medium is a multi-sensory spirit communicator with the after-life, they are able to heighten their awareness to connect with a spirit communicators and non-physical energy receiving messages and information from the after-life relevant to the individual requesting the reading. It's also important to understand that all psychics aren't always mediums,  but that all mediums are natural psychics as well.

How does a medium receive messages?

Psychic Mediums are able to receive messages from the after-life, the discarnate or departed loved ones in spirit by gaining subtle information outside ones normal extrasensory perception. They receive messages either subjectively or objectively, either through clear (clair-) hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and cognizant knowing. 

The word clair originated from the French word 'claire', which means 'clear' this associated with other human sensory abilities creates these descriptions.  Psychic Mediums use the following senses, clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (sensing or feeling), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizant (knowing), clairsalience (smelling), and clairgustance (tasting). 

Reading Options

Psychic readings;  Offer personal guidance and clarity, suggesting any positive potentials that may lie within your energy field for prospective opportunities and personal development. A psychics goal is to tune into your current state of mind and life circumstances. Offering insight on what could potentially playout in your life if you continue on the same life path direction that you are currently on. Leiza strongly reiterates that your future is entirely dependent on you, your choices and actions that you make from the moment of your reading and onwards. It's important to remember that a psychic senses what they're picking up on within your electromagnetic energy field, on that day and moment in time of the reading. (On occasion Leiza's clients prefer to choose from oracle cards to gain additional clarity and visual content). 

Mediumship readings;  is communicating with the spirit world to offer personal evidence and confirmation to reassure you that your loved ones in spirit have survived death and are in the non-physical realm still watching over and guiding you. This knowing can help often reduce the fear and distress that surrounds death, this could potentially alleviate some grief and loss, however it will not eliminate the whole grieving process as this is important and a natural part of loss and healing.

Remember whatever reading you decide to have, if you aim to have an open mind and a strong intention to receive guidance and connection with spirit, you will gain not necessarily what you want, but what you need in that moment in time to ignite your own faith, inner knowing and wisdom to move forward in life with more peace clarity and direction.

Please note; If you plan to have some life coaching, counselling or other services with Leiza and also wish to have a psychic or mediumship reading. Leiza prefers to conduct psychic or mediumship readings first, this way she has no prior knowledge of her recipient and she can not be influenced by her logical mind in any way.


“Each of us is here to discover our true selves; that essentially we are spiritual beings who have taken manifestation in physical form; that we're not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences, that we're spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences”—Deepak Chopra

“Leiza, thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with me. After each of my consultations I have left with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and contentment. It is rare to meet someone so trustworthy and honest. I have gained so much from our sessions because of your gentle and open demeanour. Thank you for your wisdom and advice"

SAM. J - Brisbane QLD

"Finding the right person to talk to is important when you have lost a loved one. Leiza provided a safe, warm and nurturing space in order for me to express my grief and find acceptance, self forgiveness and healing".

BELINDA . T - Gold Coast QLD

"I have been seeing Leiza for a few months and I barely recognise myself anymore. She has helped me uncover so many beliefs I had that held me back in life and caused so much pain and hurt. By simply uncovering the beliefs and gently helping me to see the truth behind them, I have managed to change the thought patterns and beliefs I have had my entire life."

KELLIE. N - Brisbane QLD

“Leiza is a compassionate non-judgemental lady who has helped me considerably, she has encouraged me to peel away the layers that were blocking me from what I wanted in my life”.

NICOLE. T - Gold Coast QLD

"I loved every moment with Leiza, she was so correct about every aspect of my sister, what she looked like, her personality, her name and how she died. She was able to tell me things that my sister has seen from heaven, like meeting my new partner and how I have moved interstate. I felt so nervous before seeing Leiza and after our appointment I felt lighter and much happier in knowing my sister is with me always".

CAROL.. A - Brisbane QLD

Thank you for providing such a confidential, safe & supportive environment. My public profile has made it difficult for me to find someone that I can confide or trust in & you have fit the bill. Although I have been highly successful with my work, I’ve felt that something was missing within my life for many years."


"I went to Leiza as I was going through a really challenging period of my life, my husband just left me for another woman & I was devastated and left with a house full of young children. I found enormous support from Leiza as she helped me get through this hard time. She assisted me to see the unconscious & negative thought patterns I had been playing within myself. After a short time I began to feel very different about my situation & myself. I’m now feeling happier & more energized by my new awareness, thanks to her".

FIONA. E - Brisbane QLD

"Your sessions are amazing, I am now beginning to understand why I have been so stuck, unhappy and frustrated with my life. The way you work is so different and yet straight forward, it’s powerful how you’re able to get to the root cause of the problems so quickly."

JENNY. P - Toowoomba QLD

“From the moment I met Leiza, I felt a connection with her straightaway, she had an amazing way of making you feel comfortable and you immediately feel a sense of trust with her. She has provided me with many ‘coping’ techniques for stress and loss, especially after the death of my partner. Leiza has a way to deal with grief like no other and I would have been lost without her."

DENISE. W - Brisbane QLD

“Leiza is gorgeous, I have had readings with others and walked away disappointed, but not with her. Everything she spoke about was right on the mark. She answered all the questions I had before I even had a chance to ask them. She is more than just a psychic medium, she is a counsellor and has a special way of helping you to identify and understand things within yourself and your life. I highly recommend her to all my friends”

LEONIE. B - Brisbane QLD

"Thank you so much for all your guidance. I look forward to having regular “Mind/ body soul Check ups” with you in the future."

ERIN. C - Brisbane QLD

"I have tried to fill [my life's] gap with many distractions such as work, money, material possessions, busy social life and several relationships. But nothing changed until I started working with you, it has been life changing to say the least. I am a massive believer in your processes, your methods really work."


"Leiza is a very kind and gentle person who has helped me more than I ever hoped for. Every session I walk away amazed at what has surfaced. After only 3 sessions I feel that I have progressed more than in 10 years of searching for answers in other areas. Leiza has an amazing gift and I have already referred so many of my friends to her. She is so trustworthy and patient and genuinely wants to help people in their journey whatever it may be."

KELLIE. N - Brisbane QLD

“The skype sessions I’ve had with Leiza have given me proven ways in which to cope better with my life and to really accept who I am without continually self-sabotaging myself. Leiza understands me and is sincere and considerate. She’s worked with me to me to understand what’s been holding me back and how to regain control and find personal happiness.”


"I am attracting new, positive situations into my life and I have a lot more patience and understanding for those people around me. I always felt so let down and betrayed by people in my life, one session with Leiza and she was able to uncover and destroy the belief that was inviting and creating constant betrayal and hurt in my life. The best part is I didn’t have to do anything except be WILLING to let go of these beliefs. I find that I am more positive and I am genuinely enjoying Mon-Fri not just the Sat and Sun in my week."

KELLIE.N - Brisbane QLD

"I believe there is nobody in my life that could not benefit from a session with you and as such would love those close to me to experience this. Your gentle guidance is so comforting and I thank you for all the tips that you provided me with meditation. Whilst I have had a sense of 'spiritual being', my experience with you has really given me insight into the importance of maintenance to achieve inner balance and harmony."

ERIN.C - Brisbane QLD

“Wow, Leiza is one person that genuinely helps her clients to make significant changes, she’s guided me to bridge the gap from my dream to a reality. Thank you Leiza you’ve helped me to transform my life.”

JOANNE. W - Sydney NSW

"I have seen several therapists in the past and walked away still unhappy, but since working with you I have seen so clearly what’s been holding me back and why I have been so miserable. Thank you for helping me find self acceptance and regain control of my life again”

JENNY.P - Toowoomba QLD

Our session has had an immediate effect on me in so many ways. I had an immediate 'stress release' in both my body &  mind. This has had an overwhelming effect on those around me, clearing my energy has definitely given me clarity in dealing with relationships that have been challenging to me.

ERIN.C - Brisbane QLD

“Astounding, I couldn’t believe that Leiza could get so much information on my family who had passed, there was no way that she could find out the information that she provided me, it was so personal and unique. I know she is genuine & the real thing, she is highly psychic & connects with you straight away. She understood what was happening for me in my emotional life and offered suggestions & guidance. An amazing lady”.

ANNA. K - Melbourne VIC

"Leiza is also my spiritual mentor. She has great knowledge and experience in her work and is an amazing teacher. I can honestly say she has changed my life in the most positive way since first meeting her in 2014. I would highly recommend her to anyone".

MOLLY. R - Western Australia

"Leiza has been assisting me in a few areas of my life. I have gained strength and clarity during this time. Her genuine ability to connect with people, while sharing her wisdom and knowledge is a blessing."

JAYNE. F - Brisbane QLD

“I must thank you first of all for the kind help you have shown to myself and my family. I am now feeling fantastic and joyful which is a good place to be, I am back painting and feeling good about that also. I feel a calmness and am learning not to take things on board as much. Please know that your efforts and insight mean alot, probably more than you realise.”

KERRY. L. - Melbourne VIC

"Skype reading - Leiza made me feel comfortable and relaxed in an instant, her beautiful spoken voice is like an angel. Leiza explained how she works through seeing and hearing spirit. Leiza 110% made a connection with my loved ones, every fine detail, age, height and overall appearance. All I can say is that I know that both my parents are around me and I cannot thank Leiza enough, she made my day, it made me cry and gave me goosebumps. She helps others with grief and confirmation."

Maryann. T - Melbourne VIC

”I went to see Leiza after 30 years of smoking. Through Hypnotherapy Leiza convinced me that I’d feel sick at the thought of smoking and I didn’t need to smoke. I’ve ceased smoking and feel amazing, I have probably lengthened my life too.”

MARIA. P - Brisbane QLD

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