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You agree that consultations provided by Leiza Clark, are recommended based upon holistic and traditional uses and are not recognised or substantiated by Australian medical or scientific evidence, You agree that any services offered by Leiza Clark are experimental and based upon your informed consent, in private consultation with Leiza. By participating in any readings or consultation, you agree not to hold Leiza Clark, or this website, liable for any injuries or damages incurred by anyone as a result of reliance on or compliance with information presented by them.

By agreeing to receive any training or consultations eg. holistic or spiritual counselling, interpersonal psychotherapy, life or soul coaching, energy therapy, past life regressions, clinical hypnotherapy and spiritual development or psychic mediumship readings as listed from this site, you agree that it is subject to your own interpretation. You fully accept and assume all responsibility for all matters arising out of your participation, you waive all manner of claims of any nature that you may have, whether in negligence or otherwise, as a consequence of any participation in any form of sessions, reading or consultations with Leiza Clark.

Any form of services, consultations, training or readings provided by Leiza Clark, is intended to offer insight and in no way constitutes legal, financial, professional, or physical advice for which a professional licence is required.

Any form of suggestions, analysis or psychic mediumship readings with Leiza Clark are for entertainment and general guidance only. Leiza Clark is not a professional financial or legal advisor, doctor or medical practitioner, psychiatrist or psychologist. Leiza Clark maintains at all times that you are accountable and take full responsibility for the decisions you make in your own life.

Leiza Clark’s insight during any session, consultation or reading is to be used at your own discretion. Leiza Clark strongly advises that before making any life changing decision that you seek guidance from a qualified medical or legal professional therefore Leiza Clark does not accept responsibility for your choices or actions after any session, you agree to take full responsibilities for your choices and actions.

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Refunds- If you feel that the services or reading  provided is not meeting your expectation within the first 10 minutes you can terminate the service or reading and receive a full refund for any money paid.  

Readings -  Once booking is confirmed, you have agreed to the listed price on this website for a psychic mediumship reading. Appointment time may vary 30-45 mins depending on the psychic or mediumship connection with spirit and the individual client having the reading. You will be asked by Leiza Clark if you have any final questions as the reading comes to a close.